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Comments are most welcome!

To contact the author (Ken'ya NISHIKAWA; a.k.a. nisi), send an email to:

scriptxlspraat@[d\zhi:me\icl d\ast k\asm]

NOTE: You should decipher the domain name (the gibberish enclosed by "[" and "]"), if you are a Praat user!

The pronunciation of the author's name

(If you find it difficult to pronounce my name, just call me "Ken".)

  • Phonetic Symbol Guide Style ...
    lower-case k
    lower-case e
    tilde lower-case j
    lower-case j
    lower-case a
    left-hook n
    lower-case i
    curly-tail c
    lower-case i under-ring
    lower-case k
    lower-case a
    lower-case w
    lower-case a
  • TIPA*1 Style ...

*1 For TIPA, see the manual (PDF) by Rei Fukui.

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