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Go to PraatLauncher.

Attach file: filepraat_launcher.1.3.1.xla 426 download [Information] filewarning_phonetic.JPG 303 download [Information] filepraatmenu.JPG 328 download [Information] fileSettingmenu.JPG 384 download [Information] filehelpmenu.JPG 340 download [Information] filecellproperties.JPG 362 download [Information] fileStopOrCont.JPG 369 download [Information] filemodified.JPG 344 download [Information] filetabrightclick.JPG 313 download [Information] fileaddinlist.JPG 371 download [Information] filepraat_launcher.1.3.0.xla 324 download [Information] fileversioninfo.JPG 333 download [Information] filerightclickmenu.JPG 331 download [Information] filesample_bi.txt 342 download [Information] filesample_luw.txt 343 download [Information] filePraatSetting.JPG 374 download [Information] filemenu_plauncher.JPG 355 download [Information] fileminscriptdos.JPG 344 download [Information] filedos.jpg 354 download [Information] file5editors.JPG 412 download [Information]

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