NY Jets @ Indianapolis

In the two previous matches I bet against the NY Jets and in both cases I had to eat my words. These Jets are "for real", not a bunch of outsiders who have crept unexpectedly, and remind me of the Baltimore Ravens in 2000 and more recently to the NY Giants in 2007.

Equipped with a terrific defense and a strong running game, the game plan is simpler than the mechanism of a pacifier: do not let the opponent get on the scoreboard and keep following that plan. Sooner or later their great OL would wear out their opponents' defense and that is when their RB would break; once in the open field Shonna Green is unrivaled in his top speed. The defending plan would be to get crazy in the attack; San Diego's defense was forced to continual changes to the OL declared on every play. Once you know how they sing it all gets defensive.

We must also remember Darrelle Revis; he only eliminates midfield. Reggie Wayne is going to share an afternoon with Revis very soon, so the key player in the game will be Dallas Clark. Peyton Manning is going to have to trust in Collie more often than usual or just as much as he does Pierre Garcon. The running game of the Colts against the Jets feels like they may be nonexistent. Minnesota @ New Orleans

The final of the NFC could go ether way; both teams have attacks capable of scoring big points, from almost anywhere on the field. If the match had taken place at Minnesota I would had bet on the Vikings for certain; a 9-0 record speaks on its own and the 49ers have only posed little resistance. But the game is at the Superdome, the scene of Brett Favre's crowning moment so far, where he won his only Super Bowl.

About a month ago it was difficult to bet on any of these teams, it appeared like the cross would be removed and Dallas would fall, but both have shown that the while rest have been doing phenomenally, with the Vikes defense terrorized and if they're able to maintain the same level exhibited before, the Cowboys can get the win. Drew Brees is the type of QB that when someone makes his life uncomfortable, particularly in the pocket, this is not determinative; and no one is better than the Vikings in making his life impossible.

The game will be played after the AFC final. If the Colts are already there, the hearts of all NFL fans certainly will be with the Vikings, so the desired Superbowl with Brett Favre and Peyton Manning will become a reality.


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