A Quick Look at Praat Scripting

The contents in this page are fragmentary. Consult other sources if you want to learn Praat Scripting from a scratch*1.

Hello world

  1. Choose New Praat script from the Praat menu to open the ScriptEditor window.
  2. Type:
    echo Hello world
  3. Choose Run from the Run menu (or type C-r) to execute.

Language Specification Worth Mentioning


Coding Particular to Praat (1): form-endform

Coding Particular to Praat (2): Object Manipulation

Those who conquer object manipulation techniques conquer Praat scripting. (The present author)

Functions of ScriptEditor

Other ways to execute a script

*1 Highly recommanded: Ingmar Steiner (2006-2007) Automatic Speech Data Processing with Praat. Lecture Notes. (PDF file is available at: .)
*2 You can also use "==" as an equal operator.

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