* Praat Sample Scripts for Specific Purposes [#e414f41c]

- Most of the scripts presented below are concerned with TextGrid manipulation, because ...
-- my primary interest lies in corpus annotation (rather than, say, acoustic analysis), and
-- there seem to be much fewer scripts for TextGrid manipulation than for Sound manipulation. 
- The scripts have been tested with Praat version 5.2.x. (for Windows).
- The author expressly disclaims all liability, loss or risk incurred as a direct or indirect consequence of the use of the scripts below.
- Comments are welcome. -> [[ContactMe]]

''Table of Contents''

** TextGrid manipulation [#b41f547b]
*** divide.praat [#eb091bf4]
- Download: &ref(divide.praat);
- Description:
-- Divide labels by the delimiter specified in the form.
-- It is helpful in making an initial value for the manual labeling work.
- Sample TextGrid: &ref(sample_divide.TextGrid);


** Online manipulation on the TextGridEditor [#k32a0d46]

*** move2right.praat [#h803282c]
- Download: &ref(move2right.praat);
- Description: 
-- Move the boundaries in the selected region to the right so as for the last boundary to be located at the end of the selection.
-- The default target tier is #2. Rewrite the script (line 24) if necessary.
 targetTierNum = 2
-- This script does nothing when
--- no region is selected.
--- only one boundary is selected.
--- the last boundary in the selected region coincides with the end of the selection.
-- This script gives a warning and aborts the job when
--- the target tier is NOT an interval tier.
--- two or more TextGrid Objects exist on the Object window.
--- no TextGrid Object exists on the Object window.
-- WARNING: DO NOT OPEN/VIEW/EDIT ONE AND THE SAME TEXTGRID WITH TWO OR MORE EDITORS((Does anyone know the way to judge whether or not a particular TextGrid has already been opened with a (TextGrid) Editor?)).


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