Along the header, you’ll find just a few basic links to categories, upload and subscriptions. The last option here is basically material that has been added to the YesPornPlease website from feeds that you’re following: if you have none selected, it’ll pick some at random from the biggest studios out there. 

Navigating over to the categories page will show you the types of niches which are real hot on Yes Porn Please and to be honest, they’ve kept their material very much on the slender side of the equation. Don’t get me wrong, having more than 8,000 blowjob videos is more than enough, as is 3,000+ MILF clips, but compared to some of the bigger tube sites that’s a pebble in the pond. 

The site is clearly focusing on quality as opposed to quantity: they want to make sure that all of their available uploads are watchable, not just a handful that people manage to come across like nuggets of gold.

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