Dịch vụ thám tử really cares about this story is that her husband Tuan is like being enchanted by Mr. Duong, although Ms. Hong has repeatedly warned her husband to stay awake during the cooperation process. But her husband Tuan did not care about his wife's words. As long as Mr. Duong spoke, Mr. Tuan defied all of his wife's advice. Since the day he got acquainted with Mr. Duong, Mr. Tuan had a habit of going early and coming home late, gathering billiards, tenis. Sometimes when husband and wife quarreled, or get angry with each other, Mr. Tuan even left home to stay with Mr. Duong for a few days, his wife called without answering the phone.

A private detective is a person specialized in investigating, detecting, monitoring, gathering and providing information. At the request of domestic and foreign customers, including Binh Duong. Private detectives in Vietnam have no power and are not protected by the state. Not supported by the state like private detective profession in some advanced countries in the world. It is for that reason that private detectives in Vietnam in general and detective services in Binh Duong province in particular. Detective Binh Duong must mobilize and tinkering to develop and survive. Which detective companies, dedicated, love their jobs and seriously develop. A detective office must love a job in order to stick with the profession for that company to exist and vice versa. One thing to be proud of is the office of private detective Hoang Kim in Binh Duong province. Has operated continuously and continuously developed for more than 17 years in this province. Is one of the 3 oldest private detective companies in Vietnam. And the oldest and most experienced detective company in Binh Duong province.

The factors we verify include: full name, age, hometown, occupation, education, personal status; income; family situation in the past to the present; related relationships such as relatives, neighbors, friends; and temporal factors such as growing up and living ... to have an accurate view of the subject. The collected information will be kept confidential and sent to customers all information. Recently, he posted a message on facebook to send his mother to transfer money to some of the bank accounts of a man named Hung, this is the account number of the person that I transferred money 2 days ago. Mr. Nam said as he pushed the paper of account number in front of detective Tran Minh Hung of detective company Hoang Kim at the office of Binh Duong province.

Thuan An town, now a city, is adjacent to many of the most developed regions, cities and towns in the South. Adjacent to Ho Chi Minh City, Bien Hoa City Dong Nai, Di An City and Thu Dau Mot City. That is why Thuan An city, Binh Duong is an ideal place to live and enjoy. Especially, the number of workers and migrants from domestic and foreign places in Thuan An is very large. Because of that reason, adultery cases in Thuan An city are destroyed a lot by the detective company Hoang Kim. Most of them are adultery of foreign experts with workers. Adultery between gentlemen, real estate giants and wood giants in Binh Duong province with long-legged flight attendants at bars and restaurants.

In case the target subject moves from Nam Dinh to Ninh Binh, Thai Binh or Hanoi, Hai Duong, we all have detective teams and support units. It is for that reason that for many years, the private detective in Nam Dinh of our office has always successfully completed the tasks that our customers assigned us.

♥ There have been nearly 350 cases of adultery that detective Nam Dinh discovered in nearly 9 years.

In which the success rate is over 96% of the total number of cases.

REASONS FOR FAILURE IN EXCEPTIONAL LAWS. Because customers are too jealous to reveal their jobs. Due to the jealousy customer, in fact, the person suspected of having an affair did not. Because the target audience has not met their lover, expenses incurred, customers no longer rent (videos, photos, schedules attached).

To continue his story, Mr. Nam began to disclose his family situation, in order for private detectives to partially imagine the girl's personality, thereby further judging what might also happen. like zoning search.

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