Waw Asia has two business models whose mission is to provide talents in the Asian time zones with the best remote jobs from globally distributed companies.

1. The 1st one: Waw.asia is the 1st Remote Job Portal for Asia-based candidates:

We have a Remote Job Portal waw.asia which provides you with Remote Jobs from globally distributed companies. All of the jobs on our site are Remote and for Asia-based candidates. We are the 1st remote job portal in Asia focusing on job-seekers' benefits and supporting job seekers from A-Z.

2. The 2nd one: A BPO company provides AI training data in different Asian languages:

A trusted partner for companies that need high-quality AI training data in different Asian languages. If you want to join our crowdsourcing projects, do not forget to follow us on social media channels to keep up to date with the newest projects. https://waw.asia/ https://waw.asia/jobs

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Last-modified: 2020-11-27 (Fri) 16:06:00 (99d)